Brady Maxwell - c/o '27 - QB - Perrysburg, Ohio

2023 Season Stats: 2,261 Passing Yards, 31 Passing TD'S, 5 Rushing TD'S

This is my 2023 season highlight film. Although freshman film and stats may not matter much at this time, I believe that it shows some of my ability on the field and the potential I have. By the way, I'm currently 6'2", 176lbs.

​1st clip is one of my favorite throws of the season. I got good depth in my drop which helped to avoid getting sacked by the DE. Then I was able to break the pocket and keep my eyes downfield and delivered a good ball on the run without wasting steps or time. (Receiver made a great catch on this one!)

​2nd clip is our longest play of the season thanks to the speed of my receiver. I know I can throw him open and on this play he ran right by the defender.

​3rd clip is a back shoulder throw.

​4th clip is about a 30 yard touch throw to the pylon for a touchdown.

​The rest of the 2 minute highlight film is made up of different throws and runs trying to show different skills.

​I would LOVE any feedback and especially anything that I can improve!

​My email is and my twitter is @bradymaxwellqb


Hello! My name is Brady Maxwell, a 15 year old from Perrysburg, Ohio. Even though I'm only a teenager, I'm very passionate about making a difference to those around me and pursuing my love for sports.

Currently, I'm a 3 sport athlete at Perrysburg High School. I play baseball, basketball and football.

I'm thankful that I can excel at each sport but my goal is to play football at the collegiate level and I'm doing everything I can to make that happen.

If you watched my highlight film above, thank you! If you'd like to see more, please look at the videos below.


  • 10/19 - 276 yds - 3 Touchdowns
  • 14/21 - 253 yds - 5 Touchdowns
  • 15/22 - 262 yds - 4 Touchdowns
  • 17/23 - 382 yds - 5 Touchdowns
  • 10/15 - 247 yds - 4 Touchdowns
  • 16/20 - 268 yds - 4 Touchdowns


Minnesota QB, J.J. McCarthy

San Diego coach, Jim Harbaugh

UM coach, J.D. Johnson

Toledo Head coach, Jason Candle

Leader of Elite11, Brian Stumpf

Former MSU coach, Mel Tucker

Detroit Lions, Taylor Decker

Detroit Lions, Ifeatu Melifonwu

Detroit Lions, Kerby Joseph

University of Kentucky camp

University of Cincinnati camp

University of Michigan practice

Perrysburg High School baseball

State Line Stars baseball

State Line Stars baseball

Perrysburg High School baseball

Perrysburg High School basketball

Perrysburg High School basketball

With friends before Homecoming

Peer group at Mud Hens game

I love to fish in my free time!

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to learn more about me!

​I very much look forward to helping a football program and a university in the future!

​I'd love to connect and keep you informed as my high school career progresses! Please click the button below for all of my contact info.

​All the best,

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